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Back Pain - Will It Ever Go Away?

In a review of studies involving nearly 11,200 back pain patients, researchers found on average those with low back pain still tended to have symptoms as much as a year later. Those with persistent back pain should see it as a problem that requires long-term management. This is due to the nature of back pain and it's high level of recurrence. Part of the problem very well could be in the methods used to treat back pain. Taking pain medications and receiving care that fails to address the cause and simply attempts to mask symptoms such as pain does little to fix the problem that caused the back pain in the first place. At the heart of chiropractic care is the focus on identifying and correcting the source or cause of the pain and dysfunction. With this approach, chiropractors have been highly successful at caring for those with both acute and chronic back pain. If you're suffering from back, neck or spinal pain and/or dysfunction, take charge of your health and contact a doctor of chiropractic today. As this study shows, back pain has a nasty tendency of not going away. It also tends to respond better and have a more favorable outcome when treatment is obtain earlier than later.

Source: Canadian Medical Association Journal, online May 14, 2012.